How to Use the 3 Secret Elements of Colour to Improve Your Design and Branding

The meaning of specific colour depends on your cultural background, and the country you are from. For example, in most West African countries and some parts of Europe white is considered the colour of purity and that is why it is such a popular wedding colour. Whereas, in Asia especially China, white is considered the colour of death and mourning, and that is why you see Asian brides wearing red.
Colours have meaning beyond providing something pretty to look at. We react to colours and associate them to memories, objects, people, events, ceremonies and places.
Colours are used as non-verbal communication in every aspect of our lives whether we realize it or not. Sometimes the colour expressions are so powerful that the influence of colour can be louder than the spoken word. For instant, when brides are struggling to pick colors at the beginning of the planning process, one thing they wonder is, what do the colours “mean?”

Colour Lessons from Flowers
Flowers are the handiwork of nature and they come in an infinite range of colours. From vibrant red of roses to the deep blue of tulip, the colours represent different meanings. As an example, red roses signify passion and deep love while yellow roses today mean joy and gladness.
Red represents Love, Respect, Passion, Courage
Pink represents Perfect happiness, Gentility, Grace, Please believe, Thankfulness, Confidence, Admiration.
Yellow represents Friendship, Joy, Happiness, Zeal, Jealousy, Try to Care
White represents Innocence, Purity, Secrecy, Heavenly, Silence
Peach or Coral represents Enthusiasm, Desire, Sweetness, Modesty, Joy
Purple represents Faithfulness, Passion, Hope, Royalty

Why Taxi Cab is painted in Yellow?
Yellow is one of the three primary colours in the colour spectrum. Others are Blue and Red as universally taught in elementary classes.
Yellow has always been known to be an energetic and cheerful colour. In colour psychology, this symbolises positive emotions such as fun, youth, optimism, confidence, and happiness. Yellow inspires thinking and stimulates learning.
Today, all around the world, taxi cabs are painted in bright yellow colours. Why is this so?
It all started around the 20th century when yellow began to be valued for its high visibility. It can be seen well from afar and even from fast-moving vehicles, making it the ideal colour for road safety signs. It is also used for things that need to be spotted easily, such as road repair equipment, taxi cabs, school buses, fire trucks, and other emergency vehicles.
Yellow colour is the most easily recognized by human eyes even from afar. It has been proved that, most colour-blind individuals can see colour yellow.
Anytime you see a yellow taxicab, remember it is painted in yellow, more importantly for safety purpose.

How to Use Color Together
Color psychology is complicated field of study and goes deep into the meaning of combining colours for a particular desired effect. We will broad brush some basics that may well enough for you to make good color choices for interior decorations, weddings, etc.
Monochromatic Color Scheme- This is the use of a single colour in varying shades. It’s soothing and pleasing to the eye especially in the blue or green hues.
Complimentary Color Scheme- This is using high contrast of colour by selecting colors directly opposite from one another on the color wheel (such as pink and lime green). This puts a warm color with a cool colour and is pleasing to the eye.
Triple Color Scheme- This scheme uses three colours equally spaced from each other around a color wheel. It’s popular with web designers and allows for a harmonious color scheme.

It’s important to remember that colours are the first thing people will recognize, hence represent and convey deeper meanings. Remember to keep in mind the meaning and harmony of colours before you use them.