5 Expert Ways to Use Intentional Branding to Grow Your Business

‘We have just redesigned our company’s logo. We have changed our colour to a vibrant one and re-branded all our official stationery’. These are some of the common activities business managers engage when they are talking about branding. Branding is much more than that!

Branding has become one of the misunderstood concepts in marketing communications. The word branding has been misused and abused both by business owners and managers and regrettably by uninformed professionals in the field of marketing communications.
Branding can be simply described as the all-inclusive approach to create, present and communicate the intrinsic value of a brand in the mind of the consumers and the general public. It is the creation of positive perceptions and all-powerful associations about the company’s services and products.

Branding is the deliberate or inadvertent process of creating a positioning or perception in consumer minds through experiences and associations.
Interestingly, every interaction with a brand creates a lasting impression, either positive or negative, in the mind of the people.

We are not going to bother you with the nitty-gritty of branding as the purpose of this post is to point your attention to the fact that knowingly or unknowingly, you create and communicate the intrinsic value of your brand to the public.

For instance, if the staff turnover of your business is very high, whatever may be the causes, you may find out later your establishment will be perceived and categorize as one of the ‘worst’ places to work. This will impact negatively on the establishment. And it may be difficult to attract talents to your business thus hindering the growth you earnestly desire.

Take a dressing code in a private school, for instance, red tie or scarf on White, for Mondays, another combination on Wednesdays and branded T-shirt and Jeans on Fridays; without an iota of doubt, the school thus communicates the culture of excellence, organisation, and will be perceived as a high-profile school.

This is where intentional branding comes in. To grow and expand your business, you must create and deploy intentional branding. You must begin a deliberate process through experiences and associations that would create favourable perceptions in the mind of the consumers.
How do you present your business to the public? What perceptions do consumer and the general public have about your business, services, and products?

You must be intentional in everything you do as a business owner or manager. You must create the impressions as serious-minded, organised and a well-structured organisation. You must begin to create the future you want for your business. Everybody loves quality products and services.
Over the years, the brand Mercedes-Benz had been positioned as cars for the high and the rich. The Apple flagship product, i-phone, is constantly branded and presented as the best gadget you can possess. That is the intentional branding. Ask yourself, how are you positioning your business, services and products?

How does your Flier look like? Does your business logo designed by a professional or an amateur? Do you really have a budget for advertising and publicity? Are you among those that believe, one can get noticed winking in the dark?

Intentional branding needs not to create a hole in your pocket, only when you seek knowledge and determined to grow and take your business to the next level.
Start branding for growth and expansion. Position your business for the future you so desire. Engage in intentional branding.

You shall succeed in all your efforts.
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